99 Western Regionals - Seaport Marina Hotel Long Beach, California

1999 GTOAA Western Regionals at the Seaport Marina Hotel in Long Beach, California

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Photos taken by SCGG member Carter Chee.

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Best of Show
Randy Bowes - 1967 Hardtop
1964-65 Stock Hardtop
Sponsored by J&H Services
1st Place - Barry Troup
2nd Place - Mark Gacy
3rd Place - Bob Starling
1966-67 Stock Hardtop
Sponsored by Mike Radke
1st Place - Jim Hemann
2nd Place - Carter Chee
3rd Place - Frank Salerno
1968-69 Stock Hardtop
Sponsored by A California Roof and Building Company
1st Place - Bill Baker
2nd Place - Blake Loke
3rd Place - Norm Callaham
1970-72 Stock Hardtop
Sponsored by Tiger EFI
1st Place - Dennis Flanzer
2nd Place - Mike Baumgardner
3rd Place - Earl Gunnerson
1973-74 Stock Hardtop
Sponsored by Integrated Process Controls
1st Place - Mark Delano
1964-65 Stock Convertible
Sponsored by Norm & Linda Callaham
1st Place - Glenn Stanford
2nd Place - Doug Schneeman
3rd Place - Rob Spelay
1966-67 Stock Convertible
Sponsored by Otto & Debbie Tharp
1st Place - Stan Ford
1968-71 Stock Convertible
Sponsored by Pontiac Enthusiast Magazine
1st Place - Jim McGowan
2nd Place - Ed Suddarth
3rd Place - Jim Jordan
1964-65 Modified
Sponsored by Pontiac Drag Days
1st Place - Harry Rogers
2nd Place - Mike Dooley
3rd Place - John Tolerico
1966-67 Modified
Sponsored by David Howitt
1st Place - Heinrich Gerhardt
2nd Place - Yvonne Wickersham
3rd Place - Paul Kosinski
1968-74 Modified
Sponsored by Tiger EFI
1st Place - John Johnson / Ira Goodberg
2nd Place - Traci Vasquez
3rd Place - Tom Vasquez
Sponsored by Mike & Dee Baumgardner
1st Place - Stewart Maus
2nd Place - Kevin Surface
3rd Place - Gregg Miller
Early Tempest/LeMans
Sponsored by A California Roof and Building Company
1st Place - Oliver Altobello
2nd Place - Mike Armijo
3rd Place - Tom Schlauch
Late Tempest/LeMans
Sponsored by Integrated Process Controls
1st Place - Debbie Tharp
2nd Place - Murray Nevin Jr.
3rd Place - Bill Bauer Jr.
Race Car
Sponsored by Pacific Performance Racing
1st Place - David Beedy
2nd Place - Bill Takanabe
3rd Place - Dennis MacDonald
Sponsored by Tiger EFI
1st Place - Jim Taylor
2nd Place - Tim Baker
3rd Place - Tim Dean
Long Distance Award
Rob Spelay - Surrey, B.C.
Most Likely to be Involved in a Crime
Picked by LAPD Hollenbeck Division
Tim Dean - '64 GTO
Winners Circle
Tom Burton - 70-72 Stock Hardtop
Phil Mandanici - 73-74 Stock Hardtop
Sam Spigelman - 66-67 Stock Convertible
David Howitt - 64-65 Modified
Jack Blum - 68-74 Modified
Richard Synder - Early Tempest/LeMans
Eva Cochren - Late Tempest/LeMans
Art Peterson - Race